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Are other forms of God not authorized?

romapada swami on authorized forms of krishna
Written by Romapada Swami

Question: Why do you please think that God has only one best form or topmost in your religion and is the best and topmost only in the Form of Krishna, when there have been great holy people and saints who worship God not in the form of Krishna. So will all others not go to God, or will they go to a God in the form they can comprehend? It’s very confusing.

Romapada Swami answers: It is not a personal, sectarian opinion that we claim the form of Krishna to be topmost, nor does Krishna to belong to any particular religious denomination. Krishna Himself declares that His form, that particular two-handed form which He exhibits before Arjuna is the topmost, there being nothing superior to it, (BG.7.7,  B.G.11.52, B.G.11.53, and  B.G.11.54) which indicates that all other forms are also included in this form. Similar conclusions are given in different scriptures such as Srimad Bhagavatam and Brahma Samhita, and vaishnavas accept this as such. This does not mean that His other forms are less important in a mundane sense of comparison. The Supreme Lord has unlimited forms, all of which are equally Absolute, and those who worship any of the bona fide forms of the Lord, as revealed in authorized scriptures, will attain Him in that particular form. Indeed there are many great saintly devotees, even within the Vedic tradition, who have worshiped Him in other forms, (including the Fish, Boar, Narasimha and Rama etc) according to their inner mood of devotion, and they attained the spiritual planet where the Lord presides in that particular form. All these devotees are equally respected, with no mundane envy or distinctions of superior or inferior, although often these devotees themselves speak of the superlative glories of the Lord in His original feature of Krishna. (Please see Digest 167 and Digest 142 for further discussion on this subject)


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