Is God there?

Written by Romapada Swami

Question: Is there a ‘person’ or ‘entity’ called God? If yes, why is God not visible to us like other entities?

Answer by Romapada Swami: Yes, there is a Person, who is described by Vedas and learned persons as the summum bonum and cause of all causes. The Vedas describe this Summum bonum, or Absolute Truth, as not just an energy or entity, but categorically as a Person, with definitive non-material form, name, characteristics, activities, personal associates and abode.He is indeed visible, or accessible, to the spiritualized senses of whoever is earnest enough to know Him, and willing to adopt the process recommended to know Him. God is fully spiritual, finer or subtler than the most subtle aspect of matter —  whereas most of us are completely engrossed in gross matter. Untrained eyes fail in the finer perception of even material reality. Modern science and worldview permit no room to consider the plausibility of realities outside its self-defined boundaries. Just as we cannot even “see” air, or sound, or ultra-violet rays, it should be no surprise that our limited senses are unable to perceive extra-terrestrial life,  nor can we perceive the mind, or the intelligence — each element progressively subtler than the preceding — what to speak of seeing the soul and God. But our inability to perceive does not preclude the existence of these entities.Theological science is a difficult subject, especially when it deals with the transcendental nature of God as a Person. It is not a subject matter to be understood by persons who are too much attached to material activities. Hypothetically anyone can become a physicist – but what percentage of the world population do you suppose has actually seen an “electron” — something that everyone is expected to believe to be one of the most fundamental particles of existence?! We accept many things on faith in authority without first hand experience; doing so is a question of which authority we choose to accept. One who is intent on personal experience can get that experience by adopting the right means. If atomic science demands decades of disciplined pursuit within an authorized school system, how much more so the study of God?!

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  • Brilliantly expressed!
    “Modern science and worldview permit no room to consider the plausibility of realities outside its self-defined boundaries”

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