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Is Watching videos on YouTube good?

Question: Can watching Hare Krishna videos on YouTube be a service to Lord Krishna? I feel so as we are hearing his holy name. One experienced devotee who also counsels other devotees said no so I just wanted to confirm. I want to serve and please Lord Krishna – the supreme personality of Godhead.

Answer by HH Romapada Swami: Yes, one can watch bonafide Hare Krishna videos on YouTube. Since there are many different versions online pertaining to Lord Krishna, one must be very careful of what one is watching. When in doubt one can always first check with a senior devotee to validate the authenticity of the video.

Another word of caution: YouTube offers a lot of other distractions which can take one away from devotional service. So, one should be very disciplined when visiting sites like YouTube so as to not get distracted.

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