Purpose of marriage

Written by Romapada Swami

Question:What is the purpose of marriage as viewed by ISKCON?

Answer by Romapada Swami: The purpose of marriage is to provide an opportunity for all the members in the family to properly support one another to peacefully practice and grow in their Krishna Consciousness. In Vedic scriptures, the institution of marriage is referred to as an “ashram” or a sacred place of purification.

Marriage provides much opportunity for this as it involves rising above one’s own personal attachments/issues and serving the other members of the family with devotion and detachment. This is not easy (many married devotees will attest for this) but it is so by design to help devotees grow and become more pure in their Krsna Consciousness. Thus, marriage, if properly approached, is an amazing opportunity offered to the conditioned soul to shed its false ego and become more advanced in Krsna Consciousness and cultivate devotional qualities like patience, determination, chastity, faith etc. The key to making this all happen is a strong relationship of service and inquiry with a bonafide spiritual master, as well as those who closely guide one’s spiritual life.


  • Having this clear purpose is so helpful especially since in the world there are so many different ideas of what marriage is about. When the purpose is clear then it’s a lot easier to go through life’s adventures and feel spiritually connected and uplifted. Thank you so much!

  • Thank you Guru Maharaja for sharing your thoughts. Marriage is the testing grounds to show to Guru & Krsna the conditioned souls’ earger ness to advance in Krsna consciousness.

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