Simple living and high thinking

Romapada Swami on simple living and high thinking
Written by Romapada Swami

Question: What does the phrase “simple living and high thinking” mean?

Answer by Romapada Swami.¬†One who understands the purpose of life can ¬†simplify his life so as to direct all his energies and endeavors towards fulfilling that purpose. All human endeavors are meant to be purposefully directed according to scriptural codes. When we do this, one’s needs are minimized to those possessions, facilities, information and situations essential towards this end, thus one’s life automatically becomes simplified.

All thought process, contemplation’s and plans that do not meet this end are replaced with those directed with singular focus upon the goal of life. This is the essence of simple living and high thinking.

However to actually implement this in one’s life requires elaborate and extended training under the expert guidance of a spiritual master who is living like that in his own life. This will not only simplify one’s life but it will simply the entire social environment and eliminate all kinds of scarcity and duplicity bringing individual and social peace and harmony.

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