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Where did we come from?

what are our origins? where are we from?
Written by Romapada Swami

Question: Where did we come from?

Romapada Swami answers: Please study very carefully chapter 14 & chapter 16 of the Bhagavad-Gita. Originally we were with Krishna.  That is our original and constitutional position.  In order to experience the privilege to love, Krishna has given us free will.  To love is a choice.  Free will gives us that choice.  We can either love Krishna or misuse that free will and turn away from Krishna. Envy of Krishna was a feeling that somehow or other arose in our hearts; that envious feeling has brought us to the material world where we have become entangled, consumed and implicated in so many misconceptions and illusions – the consequence of which is that we have forgotten Krishna. While wandering in the maze of material existence we have created many attachments; these attachments, in ignorance of Krishna, are the cause of our suffering.

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  • “To love is a choice.” This is so counter-intuitive to our mundane idea of love, where we say that we “fell in love” as if there was no choice in the matter. But to love Krishna is a choice that we have. We can choose to do so. Nobody is forcing us. We can also choose not to do so. Krishna just gives us consequences of both of our actions, and lets us choose. If one is sensible one will choose of be with the Supreme Lord who is the creator and maintainer of all that we know and beyond. But we only see a tiny fragment of what He has created and is maintaining and we get bewildered and choose to entangle ourselves in these temporary shelters while ignoring our real permanent shelter.

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